Evil Spinach

From Fox News

I feel so awful for anyone who has been affected by this bizarre outbreak of E.coli. I even had a bite of spinach salad this past Monday at my local MOPS group! I don’t normally even EAT spinach salad. So far my state hasn’t made it to the list, but just thinking that I could have so easily been one of the victims gives me the willies.

Friday Wrap Up:

We didn’t do anything interesting today. Chelsea did schoolwork, including working on some research about the Industrial Revolution, steamboats, and John Keats.

Frank, Gavin and I made a run to Stuff Mart for fun things like baby wipes. Lol! I have a love/hate relationship with super sized Stuff Marts. They area always packed with STUFF, but never the stuff *I* need. It’s like they try so hard to have a little bit of everything, that they only have one or two items of each, and they are never in stock when I need it.

Other than messing around with the camera (and this blog), I can’t think of anything else productive I did today. I’m sure I did something…. Oh! I did start a load of laundry. LOL!

Remember a few posts down when I mentioned that Gavin has taken to throwing himself on me? Well I happened to be fooling about with the camera at the time and caught him in the act. THIS is a pretty good image of what I see right before being flattened:

Belly Flop

Yup, that’s it. A squeal, a blur, then splat!


2 thoughts on “Evil Spinach

  1. De'Etta

    Jen – I love this photo of Gavin. I seem to see this very often….complete with the blurry thing. I had to tell Zander yesterday, “When you get that close to Mommy’s face she can’t really SEE you”. LOL

    Do you plan to do most your blogging over here now? I’ve got both sites bookmarked (well all 3 really).

  2. Yes, I really love the wordpress interface, and it’s much easier for to me than blogger. I’m going to eventually delete the other blogs, after I see if there are any posts there I want to move over. The nice thing is now I can put my “dollar diva” posts over here and just tag them.

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