I’m hating Blogger Beta

For some reason, Blogger isn’t actually showing my posts in paragraph form. Urgh! It also won’t let me change the template of that blog. It lets me change the other ones I have with that user ID. So I don’t know what it’s problem is. *tearing hair out!*

I am so totally thinking about dumping Blogger all together and using WordPress. From what I have seen so far, it’s a lot easier to use, cleaner, and more reliable. Now, if only I could figure out how to import my old Blogger posts……

Thursday wrap up: On Thursdays Chelsea has chemistry class. The first few weeks of class were really hard for her because it involved a lot of math. She was feeling frustrated and discouraged. This week however was more enjoyable and didn’t have any math. *grin*

While Chelsea was in class, we took Gavin to the park. It’s a nice little area surrounded by trees. Unfortunately the playground itself isn’t covered, and some of the slides and other plastic pieces get REALLY hot. Gavin had a great time running around though.

Park Two

Park One
After Chemistry we always go to the library. Chelsea volunteered there over the summer, and now she’s volunteering an hour a week after class. I’m really proud about how much volunteering she’s done over the years. She has two (or three?) years at the zoo, two summers at the aquarium, and now the library. Not to mention two summers painting houses with a local missions group.


I have been sick the last 10 days, and I’m TIRED of it. It’s really not bad, just a cold. But I’m so tired of feeling sick day after day. I can’t seem to shake it, although the symptoms aren’t that bad. Weird.

Other Things I want to remember today:
1. Gavin has started singing. LOL! He makes his little piano play songs, and then sings along in his toddler-ese. The only words we’ve been able to decipher is sometimes he sings “maaa-maaa, daaa-daaa.” It’s so cute my heart cramps.

2. Gain has also taken to belly flopping on me whenever possible. Thankfully it’s usually when I’m sitting on the couch. But I have to really be careful because he’s taken to climbing onto the end table or coffee table and launches himself at me. Is this a “boy thing?” Chelsea certainly never did stuff like this! lol….

3. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing family. I have a wonderful husband who deeply loves spending time with his family. A daughter who has such a great spirit of adventure, and stunning artistic abilities. And a son, who is allowing me to enjoy parenting all over again. Sometimes I take my family for granted, and I should never, ever do that. I am so very blessed.

In other news, I’ve almost officially opened the doors on my new business “Photojenic Designs.” I purchased my domain name, and have been doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff. However, I can start spreading the news now about my business creating Custom Photo Art Pieces and Memory Albums. My first goal is to make people realize that I’m not just a “scrapbooker.” But that I will create custom pieces of artwork from their photos. I need to get finish building my portfolio and get my website online.


3 thoughts on “I’m hating Blogger Beta

  1. De'Etta

    OK – see now that you had two more pictures that didn’t show up on blogger. LOL BUT it is in paragraph form. I love the picture of your dh on the slide with Gavin and the library pic too.

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