Computer Time Software

I’ve mentioned this particular piece of software before on my old blog. This has been one of my best purchases as a parent. Computer Time allows you to set time limits for your kids, so that you don’t have to argue with them when their time is up. You can set limits according to the time of day, and the number of hours they are allowed on the computer.

Computer Time 

The interface is very easy to use, and I was up and running in no time. One way we use it in our house is to have a “school” account, and individual accounts for each family member. That way the computer is available during the school day for only just enough time for her to complete her schoolwork, and discourages fooling around. Her “free” time doesn’t start until after school hours. We’ve had it for over a year and it’s cut down on the arguing a LOT.


3 thoughts on “Computer Time Software

  1. I give Chelsea one hour for school time. For her “free” time she has two hours. You can even set it so that they can only be on for a certain amount of time, with breaks in between. Example: 2 hours total time allowed in 1 hour increments with 30 minute break in between.

    Yes, I do have accounts for DH and me. DH does not have a time limit, but I do. I have a really hard time managing my own computer limits. I have mine set to 45 minutes at a time. If there is something I really need to do (bills, hsing, etc) then I can always log in as admin.

    They have a free 30 day trial. (I think it’s 30 days, it doesn’t actually say on the website.) They have great customer service too. I was having a problem with McAfee and CT working together, and they helped me through it very quickly. That was a couple of versions ago.

    The nice thing is that a little “bubble” pops up and a voice says “You have X minutes left.” It starts at 15 minutes and goes in 5 minute intervals. That way they can’t complain they weren’t given a warning. At 30 seconds the computer starts beeping, then logs them off. HTH!

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