Mondays are Rough

Yeah, I know everybody complains about Mondays. 🙂

Actually, what makes it challenging for me is that Chelsea has her TOG history chat at 7am every Monday morning. I usually get up about 6:30 to boot up the computer and log into our IM, then grab a cuppa joe. Chelsea usually comes staggering down the hall about 6:45, grabs a quick bowl of cereal, and gets her notes together.

This week they were discussing the Industrial Revolution, inventions, and what the working conditions were like. The kids put together mind maps to help organize what they learned. Chelsea actually enjoyed putting hers together.

After chat, Chelsea got started on planning out her schoolwork for the week. My MOPS group met this morning at the park to play, so I took Gavin. The weather has *finally* cooled down and it was a glorious morning! We opened all the windows at home to let in the fresh air. I love this time of year.




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