Bits and Pieces

Nothing earth shaking to report. Just a lot of flotsam and jetsam to deal with today. I need to finish preparing for tonights final lit chat on the Romantic Poets. The kids are supposed to give a two minute oral presentation to the group about their assigned poet.

Have you seen this neat site? JOE’S GOALS

I can see some really neat possibilities. It would be useful for obvious things like New Year’s resolutions. But I was really thinking that it would be a great way to track HABITS.

You know how they say that you can create (or end) new habits in 21 days? I can totally see this as a tool to make sure you MAKE it the whole 21 days! I usually forget what my goals were after the first week. LOL!

I can also see it’s uses for parenting issues. Maybe it can be used as a way to track chores? Or for potty training? And it’s so incredibly simple to use, there’s practically no learning curve. You could even set your teens up and let them keep track of their goals (or your goals for them). What other things can YOU think of? Please post your ideas in the comments section!

Joe's Goals

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