Book Overdose

Thursdays are Chemistry and library days. Except that we had to take Chelsea down early for that special class I mentioned previously. So while she was there Frank, Gavin and I went to Half Price books. Picked up some kewl Little People puzzles for Gavin. He likes puzzles, but we didn’t have any at home.

Then we picked up Chelsea for lunch. She had a two hour break before her “real” Chemistry class started. We ate a yummy Chinese buffet, then killed the rest of the time over at Barnes and Noble. Took Chelsea back to Chemistry, and Gavin fell asleep in the car. So we stayed in the parking lot, waiting for her.

After Chemistry we went to the library where Chelsea volunteers an hour every week. By this point I was SO over books! Gavin was too. He was tired of being places where he couldn’t “play.” Thankfully, Chelsea finished quickly and we were able to go home.

Tonight we’ve been having a “Lost” movie marathon. We rented the last DVD of Season One and the first disk of Season Two. Tonight we’re watching Season One. We watched the whole season about six months ago, but wanted a refresher before watching Season Two.


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