Angel Food and Fencing

Today was our Angel Foods day. Every month we get a box of goodies from Angel Food Ministries. It’s kinda like a food co-op. For only $26 a month, we get a huge box of foods with tons of meat (usually chicken), some veggies, eggs, breakfast and desert items. They say it feeds a family of four for one week, but our Angel Food box combined with our weekly Grocery Game shopping means our freezer is stuffed FULL!


Contrary to popular belief, Angel Foods is NOT a “low income” program. It’s for absolutely anyone who wants to get $60-$75 worth of food for only $26 dollars. The more people they can get buying the food boxes, the more food they can buy at discount prices and put into the boxes. They do encourage people to buy extra boxes if possible, to share with folks in need.

Chelsea had fencing this morning. They broke the class up into two groups, those with some fencing skills and those without. The “newbies” were all the adults, and the experienced group was all kids! Lol!





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