Lost Groceries

Lol… No, we didn’t actually lose any groceries. We had another LOST marathon tonight. We watched the first disk of Season Two.


Holy Canoli!!! So are those other people the OTHERS, or are there other OTHERS out there too? How many bunkers ARE there on the island? And what really happens if you don’t push the button? Where did Desmond run off too? Are they a part of some weird experiment gone haywire? What IS the “security system,” and did it quit working now that they threw dynamite down the hole?

I love Jack, and Sawyer is growing on me. Locke is just weird, but is he working for the island? How was he paralyzed in the first place? Poor Michael, I hope we find out more about what happened to Walt. And does Walt have some kind of “power” or am I imagining that? Sahid is awesome too, and Hurley seems like such a sweetheart.

Ah well… back to real life…..

Went to the grocery store tonight. Shelf price was $116, paid only $50. So we saved 56% or $65. Whooo-hooo! I haven’t broken 50% for quite a while, and it’s so fun when I do! We stuck with mostly GG list stuff, however we did get a few extras. like some chocolate to make more cake balls. YUM!


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