Good night – “nigh nigh”

Amen – “meme”

Chelsea – “Asha”

Mom – “Mamamama”

Dad – “Dada”

Help – “eeyow”

Up – “bah”

Down – “dow”

Frizbee – “beebee”

Cow – “moo” (He will NOT say cow, it’s always moo!)

Dog – makes panting noise

Cat – “mow”

Car – “crrrrrrar”

More – “mo”

Yes – “uh-huh”

No – “no”

Eat – “eeee”

Milk – “ka”

Juice – “ju”

Cloud – “clow”

Please – “shlee”

Phone – “clow”

Out – “ow”

Pacificer – “fuv”

Bob the Builder – “Baaaaa”

Are you Ready – “R yay”

I Love You – “ahloow”

Nose – “no”

Ear – “eeee”

All Done – “Uhga-Luga!”

Anything he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to do is “OW!” or “NO!”

Everything else is communicated through sign language, hummms, pointing or cries. Of course, he also uses a lot of his own toddler “babble” that sounds so cute!



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