Monday Round Up

I really hate thinking of titles for these things…..

Mondays are rough. I think I said that last week too. LOL!

Gavin woke up a 6am, little bugger. The ONE morning I need him to sleep late, and he’s up at the crack of dawn. Blah!

I got up, powered up the computer, got a cuppa, and tried to settle Gavin on the couch while with his new Bob the Builder DVD while I got ready to for my TOG History chat. And yes, *I* was the teacher this morning.

Unfortunately, Gavin did NOT settle down, and proceeded to be as LOUD as possible during the entire chat. Which means my poor TOG co-op students got an earful of screeches and screams at 7am. Joy.

This week we covered the three branches of the federal government (their powers and checks/balances) and the Constitution. We touched briefly on John Marshall and the Supreme Court. But we spent most of the time playing a game called “Power Grab.”

In a nutshell, the kids were divided into three groups to represent the three branches of government. During the game, each branch made an unconstitutional grab for power, and the other branches had to find the Article/Section/Amendment that proved that power grab was unconstitutional.

It took a few rounds for the kids to catch on, but once they did it was a pretty fun game. The purpose of it was to teach them how the Constitution protects individuals from power hungry politicians. I learned a lot from it too. I hope the kids enjoyed themselves.

Right after the TOG chat was over, I had to fly out the door to a MOPS meeting. It was pretty interesting. I love that we get food each time. I need it after leading the chat!  This week was a “craft” week, and we made this flower pot picture holder thingy. Mine didn’t make it home. Ooops.

Chelsea had a special training at the library today, learning how to clean the books. They are going through each book in the children’s section and cleaning EACH and EVERY one of them. The library has some special procedures they follow depending on the type of book, so they held the training today for five teen volunteers.

We didn’t make it back home until really late this evening. I was able to whip a few things together for dinner right before Frank made it home from work. Frank and Chelsea watched “To Catch a Thief” while I finished getting the TOG week 7 history stuff uploaded to the website.



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