Thursday and Friday


IHop for brunch before Chemistry class. Gavin was totally losing it, so after brunch we went back home and I stayed behind with the boylie, while Frank and Chelsea went down to Chemistry class and the library.

Since Thursday was also our 10 yr anniversary, we asked Chelsea to watch the boylie for us while, and we went out to dinner. What an amazing experience! Eating dinner like normal people! No one sighing heavily, asking if we were ready to go yet. No one sitting in a high chair, throwing food and using the silverware to drum the table. Frank even had the bright idea to take our wedding album with us, and to look at the photos during dinner.

Friday was much more leisurely. Chelsea finished up her schoolwork for the week, and I went head to head with Microsoft Money. I thought I had the bugger figured out, when it told me that my bank wanted to update it’s connection with Money. I followed the steps, only to have the dumb thing screw up and now it won’t sync with my accounts. ARRRRRGH!

Tonight we ended up watching waaaaaay too much tv. First we watched our latest Star Trek Voyager DVD, then Frank and I watched Poseidon. I worked on a blanket during the movies, so at least I got something accomplished. Frank said he wanted to learn how to crochet too. Lol!


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