Weekend in Review

Ugh, I can barely remember what we did. I know I spent most of it trying (again!) to get my lesson plans ready for Monday morning. I don’t know *why* I always end up working on them right before they are due!

Saturday Chelsea fenced, then had a sleep over that night with a friend. They watched the Posideon remake while we watched the original in the bedroom. Both were bad. LOL!

Sunday Chelsea and her friend spent the day shopping. I can’t remember what I did, so it obviously wasn’t anything important. Other than freaking out about my lesson plans that is. *big grin!*

Monday bright and early was our TOG history chat. I was the teacher again this week. We covered Jefferson and Lewis & Clark. We played a fun game of Jefferson Jeopardy. I asked each student a question, and if they got the correct answer, their team earned points. We had three kids missing from the chat for various reasons. Chelsea ended up on the team with only two students, against a team of three. They actually ended up beating the other team. All the kids did a really, really great job, and they only missed about four questions out of fifty. Not too shabby!

Random Weekend Photos:


Gavin hamming it up at IHop


Sporting his new shades! He keeps wanting to have glasses like Chelsea and me, so we found these toddler sunglasses on clearance at Target. They were less than $3, and have a velcro strap instead of regular earpieces. You’ll also notice the Bob the Builder hat. As long as he gets to wear his hat, he doesn’t scream to wear his Bob overalls. lololololol…..



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