Why I hate card readers…

This morning it was deliciously cool outside so I took Gavin for a walk. The sun was golden, and he had on a jean jacket and his sunglasses. He looked adorable. I pulled out the camera and took about 20 absolutely fabulous photos of him, and couldn’t wait to get inside and see them on the computer.

After we got back from our walk I discovered that the camera didn’t have it’s memory card. **grrrrrr!** I had forgotten to put in back in the camera after the last download. I know all the “experts” say it’s so much better to use a card reader to download your photos, instead of using a USB cable and hooking directly into the camera. But this is the second or third time this has happened! I was crushed when I realized what happened…..

On a brighter note, we met up with a neighbor down the street while out for our walk. She has two sons about Gavin’s age, and she invited us to her house so the boys could play and we could get to know each other better. Gavin had a lot of fun, and I’m excited to finally know another person in our neighborhood. She seems really kewl, loves HGTV like me, and seems to like crafty/creative things. Plus it’s nice that if things work out, Gavin will have a couple of friends his age in the neighborhood.

Chelsea had youth group tonight. They are a wild bunch. Fun, but wild. I’m always really exhausted after youth group, and all I do is take photos!  It’s hard on Gavin though, because it goes kinda late. It’s hard to get him to sleep because he’s so wound up watching all those crazed teenagers.  Lol…


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