Maybe I’m Just Picky

Went to an outing today with my local MOPS group. It was to an indoor “play” area that had inflatable jumping things and some other play equipment that you’d usually see outside.

This is the second time I’ve been to this particular place and I still have the same gripe concern. WHY do they have cleaning supplies on a shelf IN the play room? WHY do they only have a baby gate (that’s not actually ATTACHED to anything) just standing in front of said cleaning supplies? WHY are these cleaning supplies located right next to the water fountain for the kids? WHY was there a mop bucket full of dirty water sitting the play area?

Am I being too picky? Too critical? You’d have to see the layout of this place to really understand, but it’s basically a big warehouse that has been subdivided into a few seperate rooms. I can’t understand why the cleaning supplies are right out in the open though. There is a room in the back by the restrooms that actually has a set of shelves. Why can’t they put the cleaning supplies out there?!!??!

We’ve already decided we aren’t ever going back. Besides the dangerous cleaning supplies, the guy behind the desk creeps me out too. The desk is really tall, like four feet, and you can never tell if there is anyone back there. When the guy does pop up, he never looks me straight in the face, and hardly says more than three words at any one time. **shiver**

Other than that, we ran a few errands (I hate buying freakishly expensive printer ink), stopped by the library, and chopped my hair off. My face is probably too fat for such a short haircut but I don’t care, I LOVE IT! All I gotta do is wash, gel, muss it up a bit and go. Easy peasy!

Frank was a sweetie and made dinner, soup and grilled cheese, yum! I got to be the meanie, and wrestled the boy to sleep. Meanwhile, Chelsea is mad at us because we are making her deep clean and declutter her room. Ah well, hopefully she will enjoy the fruit of her labor and realize how much nicer it is when it’s finished.


3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Just Picky

  1. De'Etta

    What a hoot Jen…we both got short hair cuts and we both had the same thought…I also wondered if my face is currently to fat for this style. LOL

  2. Cynthia

    I don’t think you’re being too picky either… YIKES! They would have quite a large problem on their hands if any of the kids got into the cleaning supplies.

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