What day is it?

Ever since Frank started working M-F last week, I have been screwed up. For the last six years he has worked Su-T and every other W. Now that he’s on a “normal” work week schedule, I can’t seem to keep track of what day it is! All day Saturday I thought it was Thursday. Then he had Monday off because we were going to the pumpkin patch (it rained) and so I thought yesterday was Saturday.

I spent most of the day decluttering around the house. And then most of the evening trying to figure out a way to listen to WMA files on my Palm. My library has a neat thing going with Real Audio. I can “check out” audio books from their website and they automatically expire after three weeks. However, the files are only WMA files, which you can’t use on an Ipod or on a Palm. So if I want to listen to the book (and I do!) then I’m stuck sitting at the computer. I could spend some $$ and buy some software for my Palm, but I really don’t want to do that. UGH.

We got Pride and Prejudice from Netflix today, but were bitterly dissapointed when we discovered that the disk was cracked. Chelsea has to watch it for school this week, plus I’ve been wanting to see it. Now I hope that Netflix can get a replacement to us ASAP.

I finally got a book today that I tried ordering THREE MONTHS ago from Amazon. Unfortunately, I gave up on Amazon and ordered it used from one of their sellers. It was described as being in “good” condition. Um….I’m not sure what that seller thinks “Good” is, but a book with a cover that has been bent, mutilated and spindled ain’t it! I’m glad the pages are tight and unmarked, but I’m making sure to leave some critical feedback for this seller. I don’t want anyone else to be taken in like I was. *blah!*

I am happy to get the book finally, however. It’s “Picture Book Activities” by Trish Kuffner. It’s very similar to BFIAR, but the books I think are a bit easier to find. I love Trish Kuffner, and have several of her other toddler/preschooler activity books. This one will make a great addition to our “preschool” curriculum.

I’m still plugging away at Project 365. It’s been a challenge already to come up with a different photo each day. I’m wondering if it’s going to get easier or harder as time goes on…..



2 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. De'Etta

    Darling picture!!!

    What’s project 365? A picture a day? I could do that….I need a new challenge. LOL

    I am waiting for the Picture Book Activities too….maybe this means mine will soon be here.

    Thanks for leaving your blog URL on my blog. I can’t wait to have my real computer up and running again.

  2. Cynthia

    Now I’m curious. What in the world is project 365? I guess I’ll have to go over to your other blog to check it out (LOL)!
    As for being mixed up on days. I’ve been mixed up since we started co-op in Sept. It’s every Monday. Monday used to be our at home, get a lot of things done, day. Now that day is Tuesday so I’m always telling our robot club that I can come on Wed which I really mean to be TH (LOL)! I’m guessing it’ll be summer before I finally get my days straightened out… just time to be finished with school (LOL)!

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