Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Sunday we made a family trip out to the pumpkin farm. It’s a delightful little place pretty close to where we live. The one we went to last year was much too far away, much too crowded, and much too expensive.

This little place has a lot of strategically placed “photo ops.” However, Gavin wasn’t always thrilled about the different “ops” as we were. For example:


We thought the turkey was cute. Gavin however, decided it was evil and scary and refused to stand near it for more than a split second.

He did like the sheep, quite a bit in fact. He even started “Baaa-aaa-ing” when he saw them.

The cows however, he did not like at all. A little surprising to me since we just did a theme week covering cows.

Was it their size that bothered him? Or perhaps their horns? (Note: Around these parts, cows are also known as “Texas Yard Dogs.” lololol!)


I think it’s because THIS is what a cow looks like from Gavin height:


Yes…that could look intimidating when you’re only three feet high. *grin!*

The goats were another favorite. Nice and small and toddler sized.


After the petting zoo, we trooped out to the pumpkin patch (suspiciously bare of any vegetation) and watched Gavin carry pumpkins from one side of the patch to the other. (What IS it with little kids wanting to carry big things around? Cute, but puzzling.)


Then we watched the Hay Ride go past. We took a ride ourselves, but all the photos we took during the ride turned out geeky. Someone was always making a weird face.


More Photo Ops:








One thought on “Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

  1. De'Etta

    THIS is what I would like to find…but nothing around here. Loved the comment about TX yard dogs. LOL

    Great pictures as usual.

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