My Brightly Beaming Posters

You can find ALL of the Letter of the Week Prep Curriculum files HERE:


4 thoughts on “My Brightly Beaming Posters

  1. Lisa in Jax

    I just wanted to say that this curriculum looks great! Thanks for posting your learning posters. I’m going to start this once the littles are feeling better.


    Lisa in Jax

  2. De'Etta

    These are wonderful. Thanks. So you don’t do the whole “leave one part up for a week and rotate the little picture” thing???? Do you just change this at the start of each new week?

    It sure seems simpler to me to copy your posters. ::snort::

  3. I toyed with the idea of doing something like a lapbookish type thing. Then I was trying to figure out how to switch out the bits without tearing up the posterboard it would be stuck too.

    Finally, I decided to make a printable page, and just let the little guy be able to see all the bits the whole week long. On the color weeks, I let him use a crayon and color in the letter and number of the week, as well as the shape.

    I’m keeping the completed pages as sort of a “scrapbook” to see if I can see any developmental changes at the end of the year.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much Gavin likes doing this. He even pretends to “do school” sometimes, by opening up my binder and looking at the pages. Then he’ll read the library books and try and sing the song of the week. :mrgreen:

  4. Mom02kids in CA

    Hello there,

    Came across your blog on The Letter of the Week Yahoo group. Your blog is wonderful; I’m especially interested in the pages you’ve created for the Prep Cir. I’d like to download a few, but apparenty the files are not in MediaFire any longer *pouting*. Will you be sharing them some time in the future? Just thought to ask as I love your ideas.

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