Off the Hook

I made both blankets using the same pattern. It’s basically just a giant rectangle granny pattern. But with the right yarn and edging ( and color scheme!), I think it looks pretty nice.This one I made for Gavin a few months ago. I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee brand yarn in Pitter Patter. Heavenly soft, and machine washable! We’ve washed it a dozen or so times since I made it, and it’s still super soft, and doesn’t get “pills” that soft yarn can sometimes get.


I edged it in a simple crab stitch, also called a reverse single crochet.

This next blanket I just finished today. It’s going to be a Christmas present for someone special (and who will remain nameless for now). It was made using Homespun, so it’s soft, heavy, and cuddly. It looks so much better in person. I don’t know why the colors are washed out. I even tweaked the photo in PSP.


You can’t tell from these photos, but it’s pretty large.


I used Williamsburg (blue) and Edwardian (black) for this blanket. I like the combination because they both have a marbled appearance. When I switched from the blue to the black, I continued around two times in the pattern, then edged it with two rounds of single crochet.


2 thoughts on “Off the Hook

  1. Victoria

    BEAUTIFUL! Those look just perfect to cuddle with! Whoever receives those is very lucky to receive such wonderful pieces of art. 🙂

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