Preschool Week Three

Do you call it Preschool when it’s a two year old? Or is that Pre-Preschool? lol….

Last week was Week 3, and the theme was Kittens.


In this photo you can see our Learning Poster for the week, and Gavin is coloring a picture of kittens.

I just want to take a moment to emphasize that just because I’m “doing school” with Gavin, I’m not trying to make him a “Little Enstein.” Someone made the comment that “Homeschoolers” push their little ones too early, and it wasn’t good for their brain development. The “school” we do is basically reading books and poems, singing songs and nursery rhymes, and just spending time together. It only takes about 30 – 45 minutes at the most, to “do school,” not counting the time he spends coloring. Okay, off my soapbox. lol….

I try to put things into my “school box” from around the house that go with the theme of the week. Here you can see Gavin with my stuffed kitty named Pepper. (She was a gift from a dear friend when my cat Pepper passed away.)


Here he is wrestling the cat. He does this to the real cat too! Lol….


More Drawing:


And just because I love this photo, I had to add this one too. Poor Chelsea is always having cats and brothers lay on her every time she sits on the couch:



One thought on “Preschool Week Three

  1. Judi

    I love the idea of including the little ones in homeschooling and am so glad to see Gavin enjoying it! And yes, it is pre-school…you’ll be surprised how quickly he advances! I know my girls surprised me – they are theo ones who have never been in a public school…and only to the christian school for testing.
    The photo of Chelsea, Gavin and the cat is just fabulous! Have you digi-scrapped that one yet? Those pictures are just what memories are made from!
    Much Love in Christ, Judi in Ohio

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