The Grocery Game

Every once in a while I’ll have someone ask me about The Grocery Game. I am a HUGE fan.

It costs about $10 every 8 or 10 weeks (I never can remember), or about $1.25 a week. In a nutshell, the service is kinda like a pricebook. It keeps track of all the regular and sale prices, plus catalogs all of the Sunday coupons. Every week you will be able to download a new “List” of what they consider to be the best deals that week.

Most importantly, however, is that they alert you the “rock bottom” sales. These are items that are on sale for the cheapest possible price. Generally every grocery category reaches it’s rock bottom price one every 12 weeks or so. When that happens, you should try to buy enough of that item to hold you over for the next 12 weeks. That means you’ll be buying a lot of paper towels at one time, but they are much cheaper than paying full price.

We consistently save 48% percent every week. We usually bring home $160 worth of groceries for about $80. We add in a lot of “non-list” stuff, so that throws our percentages off. My DH *loves* to go shopping with me, he thinks it’s a blast! Our best week so far has been over 65% saved. Thanks to the GG, my grocery store has literally turned into a $1 store! Every few weeks or so, there will also be FREE items on the list too. Fun!

A free version is Coupon Mom. She has a lot of great ideas, and free lists. The main difference is that she doesn’t track the rock bottom prices. So the prices you see through her website are still great, they just may not be the absolute cheapest. It’s still a great resource.

There is a 4 week trial of the GG available for only $1. If you would like to give it a try, would you please consider using me as a reference? I will get 12 free weeks for three referrals. Please use the email: for the referral. You will find the Grocery Game website here. Simply click on the button on the top left that says “$1 Trial for 4 Weeks.”

Edited to Add:

We only buy the Sunday paper. Luckily, they actually print a Sunday Early Edition paper on Saturdays, and we can pick up a double paper at WalMart for only $2.

The GG people will tell you to use your LIST store for your list items, and the cheapest area store for your NEEDS. I’m lucky to get to the store once a week, so I do all my shopping at Kroger. They also have a CVS and Walgreens lists available too, and I used to do all those deals (ECB Bucks and Free After Rebate deals). I just haven’t had time to do them lately.

All I do for coupons is buy the Sunday paper, pull out the coupon inserts (Smart Source, Valassis, P&G) and stick them in a file folder by week. For example: I have a hanging file labeled “November” and inside I have four folders inside for each week. When I print out the list, I open up my coupon files and ONLY cut out the coupons that are on the list. The list will tell you the item, and the name and date of the insert where you will find the coupon. So instead of spending 1 -2 hours cutting out all the coupons each week, and filing them away. I just spend about 30 minutes finding and cutting them out.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!


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