Grocery Game Update

I went over my budgeted grocery amount this week, but I finally broke my 48% streak! Yay! I’ve had more than a few people question me on if I was REALLY saving that much, or getting that much food for so little money. So here is a quick summary of this week’s savings.

Shelf Price: $171
Paid: $85
Saved: $85 or 50%

All this food goes into my “stockpile.” The stockpile is what helps keep us away from the “edge.” If DH lost his job tomorrow, I could feed my family for a month, and only have to buy milk, bread and eggs to survive. This stockpile DID feed my family when I had multiple surgeries a few years ago, and couldn’t make it to the store for 3 months.

The stockpile also makes it possible for me to help others. I’ve gotten so many HBA’s for free or for pennies, that I was able to donate bags and bags of items to the Katrina survivors who came to our area. We’ve been able to give more than we ever could if we were buying things at full price.

I luv my stockpile! lol…


One thought on “Grocery Game Update

  1. Hello!

    Thanks for posting about my calendar! (I couldn’t figure out where all of the hits were coming from–but just did some sleuthing and found your blog!)
    It was a fun project–but time consuming. If you do it, I would love to see it!

    On another note, how do you save so much on groceries? I would LOVE some tips!

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