Me and money just don’t get along. Managing finances means M-A-T-H and N-U-M-B-E-R-S, and therein lies the problem.

I actually was going to write a post today about this FAB spending plan excel sheet available FREE to download. I was going to tell you how wonderful it is, how excited I am to actually have a “picture” of my finances. And since I’m such a visual person, anything that helps me to SEE my finances is a blessing.

That’s what I planned. Life, however, has it’s own agenda. Or cruel since of humor, take your pick. lol..

So far I have spent most of the day in panic mode.

Our freezer has been acting wonky for a few weeks, and has finally decided to die. In a frantic attempt to save the contents, we had to run out buy a new freezer. Sadly, we’ve lost half of the stuff because it thawed before we found out the freezer decided to quit.

We also got the news from the auto shop that DH’s car needed $100+ worth of repairs before it would pass the state inspection.

All this before 10 a.m this morning!

The bright side to all this? My wonderful little Spending Plan download that I planned to blog about. Even though I’ve suddenly had to spend $$$ that I wasn’t expecting (Merry Christmas honey! I bought you a new freezer!), my spreadsheet helped me to SEE my finances and adjust as necessary without having a total panic attack.

More on that next time…


2 thoughts on “ACK!

  1. Cynthia

    I’m sorry you lost so many freezer contents…. glad you had a plan in place so you didn’t have to go into total panic mode! I know one of these years we’re going to have some major appliance purchases…everything we have is no 20+ years old… sigh….

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