Close to Home



3 thoughts on “Close to Home

  1. Judi

    I just love this…its so sad but a fantastic reminder! And how true this is…I’ve had a bad year, healthwise, and dh has had to help me a LOT…tonight we took a walk around the pond with Kirsten…she loved it that Daddy went with us. When we got home she was sad that Daddy was going to go in…she wanted him to jump on the trampoline with her (i knew that wouldn’t happen because of his knee injury playing soccer) But, I found one of thos gumball machine bouncy balls on our walk…and he spent a good 1/2 hour with her throwing that ball back and forth…what a special “daddy and me” time she had before running off to play on the trampoline with Jenna!
    Show your kids that you love them everyday…Play is the perfect way to do this! In His Love, Judi

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