Dollar Diva Deals

Every once in a while I find some great deals on the net and pass them along. Many of them are time sensitive, so I can’t make any guarantees about how long they will last. I don’t get any compensation from them, I just like sharing. šŸ™‚

Refurbished 1G Ipod Shuffle – $59.99
Go to the Refurbished section of the Apple Store

This is just about the only way to get a “cheap” Ipod since they never seem to go on sale. They had the smaller Ipod earlier for only $29.99 but they must have run out of them. This is directly from the Apple store, so I think you can consider this a legitimate offer. I have heard that if you order TWO you will get free shipping.

Best Deal Magazines

This site frequently has fabulous prices on magazine subscriptions. Last year I was able to get my Dad and DH subscriptions to Sporting News for only $4 each! It does tend to take a long time for the subscription to start, about 8-10 weeks. But they’ve been reliable. These are the specials they have right now. Sometimes they only run for a day, so I can’t guarantee how long these prices will be good for. Prices are for a one year subscription unless otherwise noted. They even accept Paypal.

11/18 GuidePosts $4.95
11/22 Family Fun $4.89
11/23 Country Home $3.99
11/24 Traditional Home $3.99
11/25 Sporting News 2 years $7
11/26 Disney Adventures $6.29


One thought on “Dollar Diva Deals

  1. Cynthia

    OHHHH! I wish I would have seen this the other day.. I just might have subbed to the Family Fun magazine. I always see it and think I’d like to try some of the things in them, but I never buy the magazine because I don’t have much time for the activities I’m already committed to (LOL)! Anyway… thanks for posting the deals. I need to remember to check them out more often.

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