Anybody Home?

I haven’t blogged in forever. Every time I think about it, I seem to get called away or distracted. So let’s see if I can summarize the last couple of weeks:

1. I made a scarf and some hair scrunchies for a little girl who had bone surgery recently. I was told that her favorite color is hot pink, so I hope she likes them! Lately I’ve been making Prayer Shawls for people going through a rough time, but this time I made a prayer “scarf.” πŸ™‚


2. We had a fabulous and *delicious* Thanksgiving Day. Frank made almost everything. He becomes a total cooking fiend on Thanksgiving. I have learned over the years that it’s best for everyone if I just stay out of his way. LOL! Chelsea had a friend over, and later in the evening we went down the street to a friend’s house, where we ate some more and played the game “Cranium.”

3. We started decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving. This is the other time when I step back and let Frank do all the work. He has his own way of doing things, and frankly, he comes up with much better decorating ideas than I do. LOL!

He got most of the indoor decorations up, and quite a few of the outdoor lights too. The tree even made it up, but it only was decorated in fits and spurts. Gavin was on overload, and had taken to throwing himself bodily into the tree at every opportunity. We’ve decided to only have NON breakable ornaments on the tree this year. It looks pretty sparse, and I miss a bunch of my regular ornaments. But it still looks pretty when the lights are off. lol….



4. Frank woke up one morning feeling really rotten. So Gavin decided that the absolute best way to help him feel better was to lay on him. Paging Dr. Gavin…

5. About 90% of the gifts we are giving this year are handmade by me. Come to think of it, 90% of all gifts EVERY year are made and/or purchased by me. Hmmm….obviously Frank got the better end of this deal. LOL….

I’ve been in the throws of creative chaos since the beginning of last month. It’s hard to get projects completed from start to finish since the kitchen table is the only large, flat surface in the house. So I have to work my creative projects around Chelsea’s schoolwork and three meals. Challenging to say the least! I can’t show you a picture because certain people would then know what they are getting for Christmas….

I also made a blanket for my Uncle who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Again, normally I would make a prayer shawl, but this time I made a lap sized afghan.


6. Today, thanks to my friend DeEtta, we got a new Nativity set for the family. I’ve been searching for the perfect set for YEARS, and still haven’t found one that I really like. We got one a couple of years ago, and immediately broke off one of the heads. *snort*

HOWEVER…I saw DeEtta mention this set on HER blog, and fell in love with it. It’s so cute I might have gotten it even if I didn’t have children! lol… I ordered it from Walmart Online, and had it shipped to my store to avoid shipping charges.

How cute is this!?!?!?!


Gavin was so excited and tickled that he could barely wait for Frank to get it open for him. (What is WITH the 500 billion metal twist ties in kids toys today?!?!?)


He played with it all night long. He moved it back and forth from the coffee table, to his table and back. lol….


There is a button on the roof that’s supposed to be for the angel. When you push down on her, the star lights up and a song plays. Thankfully the song is short, but Gavin ADORES music, and played it over, and over, and over….. So far everyone of the little characters has taken a turn on the roof, including the sheep, camel and a car or two. Lol….


7. Finally, tonight around 9:30 I realized that I had needed to turn in my presents in the morning for our Salvation Angel child….and I hadn’t even shopped for her yet! YIPES! So Gavin, Chelsea and I made a midnight run out to Walmart to do some quick shopping. I think we did pretty good for doing it at the last minute. Our Angel child is a 13 year old girl. We got her some socks, pants and a shirt, a card game (Swap) and an electronic hand held game. I tried to get a mix of practical and fun stuff.

I think that brings everything pretty much up to date. *WHEW!*


6 thoughts on “Anybody Home?

  1. De'Etta

    I wish I had a tenth of your creative skills….you and Jen in SD….or Jen in AZ…maybe it’s the Jen name come to think of it! LOL

    OH – Zander likes to put the manger on top of the stable. We are really enjoying this nativity set. LOL Glad you are as well.

  2. Vanessa

    “We had a fabulous and *delicious* Thanksgiving Day. Frank made almost everything. He becomes a total cooking fiend on Thanksgiving. I have learned over the years that it’s best for everyone if I just stay out of his way. LOL!”

    That is so funny. I gave up cooking on Thanksgiving and Christmas also. Hubby is the Italian cook for the day. It was a disappointment to me when we first got married and had lasagna for Thanksgiving and then Ham! I couldn’t get used to pasta first before turkey and then not having mashed potatoes with gravy! What!!!. tried to put my foot down NO LASAGNA… that’s not thanksgiving.. of course I was outnumbered. :snort: So now I’m dieting and eat soy pancakes with sauce on top for Thanksgiving. lol. and am the different one. Today, I’m just so thankful for husbands that cook (any way they like) πŸ™‚

  3. Judi

    I love the afghan you made…is that one of the homespun yarns perhaps? If not, what yarn and color did you use? Did you use a particular pattern for this one? It looks like just what I have in mind for my FIL for fathers day….see, i told you i was reading your blog backwards… *giggle*

  4. Judi,

    The yarn I used is Bernat Boucle. It’s one of my favorites because it’s not expensive, has a nice nubby texture, soft, and you don’t really have to worry about die lots because it has sort of a “tweedy” color.

    The pattern is a simple rectangle granny square. I like it because it’s a “brainless” pattern. You can find the instructions here:

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