Day Five – I Always Carry…

The first thing I grab as I walk out the door, and at home never more than an arm’s length away? My baby…


(Yes, I cheated and swiped the photo off the net. But you totally know this is what MY photo would have looked like. If I had like, a professional studio or something. Totally.)


3 thoughts on “Day Five – I Always Carry…

  1. Kristine

    Ha, your “studio” put outs professional looking pics anyway. Totally. Even if this picture IS from the ‘net. šŸ™‚

  2. I love your camera. My birthday is on the 9th and I asked my husband for a new camera. I have the 35mm version of the Canon EOS but I haven’t used it since I got my digital 2 years ago. I want a new digital – do you like the EOS?

  3. Emily,

    Yes, I really like the Reble XT although I am still learning all the ins and outs of using the manual features. I recommend having an “every day” camera too, however, as this one is a bit bulky to carry around.

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