Broken Resolutions

It’s only 10 days into the new year and I have already broken my resolution to blog daily. Ugh!

Lets see….where did we leave off…

December 16 – I got to meet some other digital scrapbookers from my area. (See previous post.) It was fun and weird all at the same time. Even though we were quite an eclectic group, everyone seemed to mesh well and have a good time.

December 18 – I found out through my MOPS group that the Wiggles had opened up their very first US based play area just one town over from where we live. I signed us up for the MOPS outing, and DH was able to take time off from work to join us. It was smaller than I expected, but clean and bright, with a small grill that was reasonably priced, and lots of seating. We will definitely be going again!



In the meantime, we were doing a lot of decorating inside and out, Christmas shopping, and a couple of evening we went to see Christmas lights. This was the first year that Gavin really started taking notice of the festivities. He fell in love with Christmas lights, and would demand that we take him outside each evening to see the neighborhood. Lol…

Christmas Eve – We spent most of the day taking care of last minute gift wrapping, getting our Christmas Day meals prepped, and a final quick clean up of the house. That evening we opened our traditional Christmas Eve gifts…a pair of new pajamas! We also let the kids open one gift from our relatives.

I think what I miss most of all, is not being with family. If we were back home, we would be spending Christmas Eve at my SIL’s house, along with my other SIL and her family, and my Mother and Father-in-law. This was our “tradition” each year until we moved away. Then on Christmas Day we would usually spend time with my parents. First my parents moved away, and a few years later we moved. You’d think after all this time I would have gotten used to it, but I haven’t. *sigh*

{insert photos here}

Christmas Day -We used to put presents under the tree as they arrived through the mail, but this year we decided to hold off because of Gavin. First, we knew he would rip into them the first chance he could; and second, we wanted to suprise him Christmas morning with all the goodies.

I like to take things slow on Christmas. When we get up, the first thing we do is open stockings. Then we have breakfast. I’ve been trying to find some “make ahead” breakfast recipes so that we have a good hearty breakfast that’s ready to eat without too much fussing around. I tried two new recipes this year and they were really yummy! They were “Crockpot Breakfast Casserole” and “Baked French Toast.” Both of them were prepared the night before. The Crockpot one actually cooked overnight and was ready to eat when we got up. The French Toast only needed to be popped into the oven for about 30 minutes. Easy Peasy!

{insert photos here}

We opened lots of gifts. Too many actually… I forgot what it’s like to have a little one around. We open our gifts one at a time. But after a while, Gavin didn’t want to open any, and just wanted to play with what he had. Maybe next year we will open relatives gifts on Christmas Eve, just like we would do if we lived back home….

{insert photos here}

For dinner we had a delicious orange marmalade glazed ham, made by yours truely. With it we had lots of yummy side dishes, and we ate ourselves silly. It’s amazing how we end up making enough food around the holidays to feed a third world country, and yet there are only FOUR of us. It boggles the mind….

{insert photos here}

Christmas Day (Almost) Disaster – Did I happen to mention the flood? Right after breakfast, when I finished cleaning up the dishes, I heard the sound of water gushing under the sink…followed by ACTUAL water gushing out from under the sink! The Sink-Gods decided to bless us with a clogged U pipe and a flood of dirty water.

{insert photos here}

Thankfully, DH is good with all these household mechanical kinds of things. After he got the water shut off, he was able to take the pipe off and figure out the problem (the clog), and then fix it and pop the pipe back on. I’m just glad the pipe didn’t clog up during the night. That’s usuallly when we run our dishwasher, so that we’ll have clean dishes for the morning. I can’t even imagine what would have happen if the pipe had clogged while the dishwasher was running….Ugh!


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