It’s very wet, and very cold, at least for Texas. We might actually get some ice, which is about the only real winter weather we get. I miss having snow. (I can hear you laughing.)

Although we didn’t make it out of the house today, I was able to take care of some nagging loose ends. Chelsea and I worked on making a “resume” for her. For her Personal Goal for the Congressional Award she is going to get a part time job.  We spent some time today gathering all the names, addresses , dates and phone numbers of all the places she’s volunteered over the years, plus information for references. One of her references praised her for thinking ahead, and told Chelsea she’s had several frantic phone calls from teens right in the middle of filling out their job applications. lol…

She also had two of her references in the last two days tell her that they would be thrilled if she applied for a part time job with them. I think she’s really learning that hard work and attention to detail really does stand out. I think it was a real boost for her self confidence to get two glowing comments back to back.

I’m still trying to learn to knit, but I’m not having much success. Ugh. I can do the long tail cast on just fine, but I can’t actually complete a knit stitch. I think I was finally getting the hang of it this afternoon, but it doesn’t look right for some reason. I need a real live human being to help me.  Knit – 1, Human – 0


One thought on “Brrr!

  1. I started that scarf. All I can do is knit, no purl here. It’s not perfect, but it’s getting done. My MIL walked me through the steps, but she did it backwards from the book, so I still had to learn it on my own.

    I hope your daughter succeeds in her goals.

    Kathy in SE TX, where it’s cold (for us) and wet.

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