Saturday and Sunday

Saturday afternoon Chelsea went to spend the night with a friend. We decided to do little shopping before the roads iced up. One of the places we stopped by was Michaels because I was looking for a knitting book. While we were there, Frank found out that they were selling of their last few boxes of candy canes for only 9 cents per box.

Have I mentioned that Frank loves candy canes? I mean, really, Really, REALLY loves candy canes? And for only 9 cents a box, how could he resist? Wanna take a guess how many boxes came home with us? I’ll give you three guesses….

Nope, not 10.

Nope, not 20.

Nope, not 30.







60 boxes!

60 boxes of candy canes! And at only 9 cents each, it worked out to less than $4 for the whole bunch of ’em. That’s something like 600 individual candy canes! He took them all out of the boxes and put them into bags so he could take some to work with him. After some quick calculations, he figured that he had purchased about 20 pounds of candy canes.

Good Grief……



6 thoughts on “Saturday and Sunday

  1. Lisa in Jax

    LOL! Now that’s obsession. How could anyone look at my chocolate stash and think it’s large after I show them this.lolol

  2. Cynthia

    That’s a LOT of candy canes (LOL)! I thought maybe you were going to say you were doing some craft project with them!

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