News of the Weird

It’s cold out there campers!

It’s been hovering around freezing for the last few days. It wouldn’t be so bad except:

A) This is Texas where 10 months out of the year it is H O T. I haven’t invested in long sleeved shirts for the past 6 years, which means I spend most of the day shivering, wishing for sleeves! (Nobody buys me sweaters or long sleeved shirts for Christmas because they figure “She lives in Texas…when is she going to need sleeves?” Lol…. )

B) We haven’t seen the sun in what…two weeks? This makes me depressed and moody. Which isn’t a good combination when you add in a toddler suffering from severe cabin fever because HE hasn’t been able to really work out all his toddler energy.

The other day I stumbled across the web version of my local “small town” paper. I don’t think I’ve read more than one or two issues in the six years I’ve lived here. A friend of my was bugging me the other day about it, saying it’s the best way to get all the town gossip in one fell swoop. lol….

Anyway, for some reason I have been facinated by the County Sherriff’s Blotter section, where they print the incidents that were called in to the Sherriff’s office over the last week. According to the Blotter, just this past week there were 6 reported thefts of air conditioners. ::Boggle::  Hello…it’s below freezing most of the day…WHY are they stealing air conditioners?!? lol…


3 thoughts on “News of the Weird

  1. That’s the hard part about Texas, you know it could get cold, but when? and should I buy that sweater? If you buy it, it won’t get cold.

    I’m loving the cold-ish weather down here. If it weren’t so wet, I would go outside and sit on the deck. This baby/heater is working over-time.

    Kathy in SETX

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