Project Round Up

I’ve been feeling guilty lately about all the UFO’s stuffed away in my closet. (UFO = Unfinished Project) I decided last week to drag out all my half completed crochet projects and promised myself that I’d have to fnish at least two or three before starting something new.

Sad to say, several projects were only about 30 minutes away from being finished! Why do I do that? It’s like taking quiting the race three steps from the finish line. :doh!: Of course, that meant I quickly finished about 3 projects in two days, and got to start a new one. *grin*

One Skein Scarf

One Skein Scarf

This pattern is from the S&B Happy Hooker book, although you can find free version of it on the web. I made it using 3 skeins of Moda Dea’s Ticker Tape. I forget the colorway. I like it a lot, but it looks funny on me. I don’t think I’m “trendy” enough to wear it, I’m too frumpy looking.

Round Ripple in cotton for Baby

Round Ripple

When I saw this pattern, I just knew I had to give it a try. I like that it’s so different from your average afghan pattern. I used 100% cotton to make it soft and cuddle for a baby. I was trying to go for a gender neutral look by using pink, blue, and a varigated yarn. I don’t know if if worked though…

I don’t know why I keep making baby blankets. I don’t have anyone to give them too.

Star Afghan for Baby


First of all, my apologies for the clash of patterns and colors in this photo! I wasn’t thinking when I took the picture with it lying on my bed. The plaid bedspread combined with the bright colors in the blanket makes me want to stab my eyes with a crochet hook.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this almost hippy-looking color combination. It’s neon brightness is stunning to behold in person. At least I made it out of Simply Soft, so it’s at least incredibly cuddly. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this one. Perhaps I could find someone who is color blind…. Know anyone?

Star Dishcloth

Star Dishcloth

Another interesting color combination, but this time it’s not my fault. It’s Peaches ‘n Cream in Peppercorn. I think it’s supposed to be a southwestern look. I’m trying out a new star pattern because the one I used in the neon blanket above was giving me fits. I have a lot of UFO’s to finish so I decide to just make a washcloth instead of a whole blanket.  The pattern gets an A+. I’m not so sure about the colors…..


5 thoughts on “Project Round Up

  1. I love it! All of them, they look great! The star…. is that beth’s little star afghan? If it is, I have the directions for an alternate beginning to get rid of the fits, lol, I got it from someone on the ‘ville. I’m Jadyn05 there, so if you want it, PM me and I’ll get it to ya! I really love the round ripple, it’s my favorite baby blanket pattern, yours looks wonderful!

  2. Jessica

    I just love your baby blankets, maybe that is because I am expecting my first child in June. I am sure you can find a mother to be that would love to have those blankets. I know I would! 😉

    Crochet Nanny – Crochetville

  3. Elsa

    I love the blankets, but especially love the dishcloth. Where did you get such a great pattern?
    Thank you for posting the photos.

    Elsa – North Idaho

  4. Cynthia

    I love seeing all of your handiwork… scrapbook pages and afghans! Hmmm… maybe I should try combining blogging with scrapbooking by creating a scrapbook page each day and uploading IT! Now.. that would keep me going in my albums (LOL)!… oh but then I’d have to scan it…

    how do you get yours to scan at a normal size? Oh wait.. you don’t have that problem, right since you are doing digital? Any ideas how I would scan a 12×12 scrapbook page?

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