The Yellow Polo

Yesterday was another miserably grey and rainy day. I can only go so long before I start to crack under the strain.

Yesterday……I pulled out The Yellow Polo.

I pretty much live in polos. They are comfy like t-shirts, but stylish enough that I don’t look like a slob. Lol! I have several in your basic, colors that I wear regularly.

But never The Yellow Polo. It is saved for only special occasions. Even DH and the kids know that when I put on The Yellow Polo, that all is not well with Mom.

I love the color yellow, and always have. It’s such a beautiful, cheerful color. And of course, it’s the color of sunshine. However, yellow does NOT love me back. Yellow makes me look ill. Specifically, yellow makes me look like I have a terminal case of jaundice. I only put on The Yellow Polo when I am so desperate for sunshine that I’ll even risk looking like someone in serious need of dialysis.

I’ve noticed a pattern over the years. When I can’t take the grey skies anymore, and resort to wearing The Yellow Polo, it seems that the next day is always (at least partially) sunny. Coincidence?

{cue Twilight Zone music}


3 thoughts on “The Yellow Polo

  1. I wish I could send you some of our weather. It has been unseasonably warm and sunny for most of the winter. Though, they weather forecasts a huge cold front that is suppose to be arriving tonight.

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