Counting My Blessings

I know quite a few people who are struggling financially right now. Not the “Darn, I can’t afford a plasma tv” sort of struggling. More like the “Should I eat or pay the rent?” kind of struggle.

I myself have struggled my whole adult life with various levels of financial stability. What I find interesting is that during some of my most lean years I think I was almost happier. Worried about making ends meet? Yes. But unhappy overall? No, not really.

Ignorance and youth may have something to do with that. *snort* Back then I wasn’t quite so concerned with having medical insurance, dental and vision coverage, and enough food to feed a family of four. *grin* But being young, I think I was also much more creative and flexible. I didn’t mind making sacrifices for myself so that I could do something special for my child. And it was a lot less expensive to do special things for a toddler than it is for a teenager. lol…..

Even though we’re facing some pretty big issues again (DH’s job is going away), I still feel extremely blessed. I was fortunate enough to be born in America. That alone means I have the potential for getting a job rather quickly. (Note: I didn’t say a great job, or a high paying job, but some income is better than none at all.)

Sure, money issues stink. But I found this article to be both interesting and inspiring. Surviving and Thriving It may be a difficult road ahead, but I think with a little imagination, ingenuity (and a bit of, it maybe be more of an adventure than a hardship.


2 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Kristine/SHS

    I’m not sure how much I shared offlist/offblog, but we are experiencing something similar. We are considering it a blessing, God’s push to get us to make a desperately needed change. We have the feeling He’s a little tired of us doing nothing, so he’ll force the issue a little more!

    This will give Frank an opportunity to get a different job–and it doesn’t sound like that’s a bad thing. And in the meantime, you’ll have a lot of candy canes to slowly console yourselves with !


  2. Kristine,
    If we finally make it out of TX and move to where you are, you’d better still be there! I keep telling DH “That’s where we are supposed to be. I have friends there!” lol….

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