Quick Family Update

It’s a sick day today for the kids. DD has had a terrible headache all day and has slept for almost three hours now. DS woke up this morning with a fever, runny nose and cough. He has also been sleeping. (However, naptime is a blessed thing and I’m not complaining!)

DS had a little mishap yesterday at a friend’s house. They were playing in the backyard, and DS accidentally got a shovel full of dirt in the face. It wasn’t too bad, except a bunch of it went right into both eyes. When you pulled down his lower eyelid, the crease between it and the actual eyeball itself was full of dirt. Fortunately, the dad of this family is a EMT, and knew just how to flush his eyes. There was the smallest bit still left in there, but it worked it’s way to the corner of his eyes by bedtime.

Nothing much else to report. We’re still in somewhat of a holding pattern regarding DH’s job. Until we find out more about that, we’re just going along as usual. (Well, mostly at least.) We’re excited that the new season of LOST starts tonight! (We’re so easily amused….lol!)


2 thoughts on “Quick Family Update

  1. Kathy in WA

    Jen–glad to see you are posting on this blog. We miss your photos from the Project 365 one. Have you still been taking your pictures? You started us all – don’t stop now!!

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