Hello, my name is Job

You know…as in Job from the Bible? As in, can’t catch a break…the universe is against me… Yeah, that guy.

I’m trying really hard to remain positive, to look on the bright side, to count my blessings. Biggest one of all is that we’re all healthy. Actually, that’s a huge blessing, probably the most important one of all. That, and we have family and friends who love us. That’s another huge blessing. Yup, yup, yup.

It’s been a tough month though. First DH’s job going away, then my van started making some funny noises. The noises are gone now, cuz my car blew up tonight. Yup…no more annoying noises now! *snort*  Ah well, who needs reliable transportation anyway?


2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Job

  1. Vanessa

    Well, if your into looking at the glass half full… 🙂
    Your van could now be a FREE clubhouse for the little guy. or other possible benifits:
    1) and …you won’t have to build it.
    2) Can be painted in ANY color you like
    3) Don’t need to buy a fun craft this week (it’s waiting outside to be creatively painted)
    4) If it should snow (10 ft like in NY) there’s less snow to move around. (apx. 15-10 ft worth)
    5) It makes a GREAT place to let out fustration when and if more should come your way..
    6) Lemon aid stand???
    7) New money making hot spot… STEP RIGHT UP TEENS.. SIT IN YOUR PRE-DRIVER ED. AUTOMOBILE. (CLASS ROOM IN THE PARKING LOT) LOL …anyone not from this household pay $20.
    and feel free to make a donation to the GHF INC. (that’s the Glass Half Full Inc.)
    8) Convert it into a hotdog stand? (some assembly required though)
    9) Open the doors and through some bird seed in and make it the worlds LARGEST BIRD FEEDER. you may get to go on the Dave Letterman Show!
    10) Into interior (exterior) sorry… Decorating? (start a new recycling fad.. Mini Van makeovers – somewhat moveable driveway porch. You could sell decorating packages in various styles.

    How much more can we add to the GHF list here???

    ((Hugs to you))

    PS – I was looking for a good quote on break downs.. but found this for myself instead:
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein
    from –

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