You Know You’re a Dork When….

You know you’re a total dork when you take pictures of your broken down van. Lol!

I kept thinking “Hey! I could put this on my Project 365 blog!” So here you go, a fabulous photo of my broken serpentine belt. (This is the part where you’re supposed to be impressed that 1) I figured out where to point the camera to get this shot, and 2) that I could use the term “serpentine” in correct context.)


I really need to rethink my indiscriminate use of the camera. My family is used to it being permanently attached to me. The tow truck driver however, was a bit freaked out when I stood on the porch, and snapped about a dozen photos as he loaded up my van. I’m sure he thought I was taking photos for insurance or something. Little did he know it was for my blog.

So here is my van, cut down in the prime of her life:


Actually, I lied. She’s not in the prime of life at all. In fact, she’s passed up prime and is well into geriatric. Heck, she may even qualify as “relic.”  For being almost 11 years old, she’s still in pretty good shape…at least cosmetically.

You see the tow truck driver there? You might think he’s in the process of hooking up my van. He’s really trying to crawl under the van to escape some mad woman with a camera.

DS stood on the porch with me and watched the proceedings. Like any typical male, he was excited by the truck, loud noises, and seeing my van elevated six feet off the ground. He spent the rest of the day pointing out the front window and yelling “Mama car all gone! Mama car all gone!”


4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Dork When….

  1. Vanessa

    (IF it’s a gonner) I still think you should have let the kids paint it. 🙂
    and it would be a neat blog picture to add.

    The broken serpentine belt has some really nice rosey hues to it.. nice picture. You could frame it in a valentine heart to remember. Hey misty fogged out valentine border.. lets see it Jen!

    Hey things can only get better now.

  2. Mr Good Looking

    Things may not get better? What cost to fix???? or replace???? I guess walking is an option and think of the health benefits for all the exercise.

  3. Emily

    Don’t worry . . you aren’t the only one . . .I carry my camera everywhere!! I sometimes feel like a complete fool but I keep taking those pictures!

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