More Crochet Goodness

I’ve been incredibly frustrated with my computer lately. I’d much rather be digiscrapping, but it’s so freaking slow. UGH! So instead, I’ve been working on some crochet projects. I think I’ve showcased a couple of these on here before, but this time the photos are much better. I’m thinking about putting them up for sale. Thoughts?

1. Yellow Star Blanket (Preemie/Newborn)
Made with RH Baby in Yellow and Multi. You can’t tell from the photos, but it has a sweet little sparkly thread running though it. (Machine washable)



2. Minty Green Bubbly Stroller/Carseat Blanket (newborn-1yr)
Made with RH Baby in a sweet minty green and multicolored yarn. It has a light “bubbly” texture, and is the perfect size for a carseat or stroller. Like the yellow star blanket above, it also has a little sparkly thread running through it that gives it a little shine. This is a reversible pattern, meaning it looks exactly the same on both sides of the blanket. (Machine washable)




3. Star Blanket (Toddler – 5yrs)
Made with Simply Soft Brights, this is a large, cuddly blanket in bright colors, perfect for boys or girls. Starting from the middle the colors are blue/green, blue/yellow, yellow/orange, and an orange edging. This was made holding two strands together, and is quite thick. (Machine washable)


Because of the angle of the camera when I took the picture, it looks like a long star…like the “legs” are longer than the top. It’s really the same size all the way around.


4. Groovy Granny Star Blanket (Newborn – 1yr)
Like the star blanket above, this one is also made with yummy Simply Soft yarn. It was made holding only one strand at a time, and is lightweight. (Machine washable)



4. Pink and Blue Round Ripple (Newborn – 2yrs)
Made from 100% cotton. I made it using pink, blue and multi colored cotton yarn so that it would be perfect for girls or boys. This was the first large project I’ve made using cotton yarn. I only used one strand, but it has some weight to it, and feels so soft. (Machine washable)



Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “More Crochet Goodness

  1. Judi

    These are So great Jen, i love them! I crochet too…I’ve only done the star pattern in a placemat (i found the pattern online, and then lost it uuugh) I was going to make enough placemats for everyone at the table, but lost the pattern first. I still have the white cotton yarn balls (with a gold stripe) in case I ever figure out how to make it on my own! Keep up the good work hon! God has blessed you with aome real talents! In His Love, Judi

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