Asking for Input

I’m having a terrible time figuring out how to fit two computer into my tiny house. So I’ve made a bunch of floor plans and you can vote and tell me which one you like, and why.

Yes, they both need to be in the front room/dining room. And yes, they are both desktops. (I wish they were laptops, but they aren’t, so we gotta work with what we have.) They will both be connected to the Internet so my rule is that they have to be in a public area. Since our “living” space in the house is only about 15×26, this is a challenge. lol….

Furniture that needs to stay is the couch and tv, and my DH wants the recliner to stay if at all possible. (I have a love/hate relationship with the thing.) I’ve been using this kewl tool located here: Bassett Room Planner. Now, on to the voting!

Room One (This is my personal favorite)
The big box things near the kitchen table are the counters. The skinny box is the bookcase. It holds our homeschooling books that we use daily. It doesn’t *have* to stay in the room(s), but since the table doubles as our classroom, it’s handy to have it close by.

Room Two
Similar to Room One, except this time using two individual computer desks. There isn’t anywhere for many lights in the room. Hmmm….

Room Three
Back to using one desk, except one person would be sitting in the kitchen. This isn’t one of my favorites.

Room Four
One computer by the kitchen, the other by the door (which is where the one is right now.) The only problem is that this arrangement will make it terribly difficult to get to the window because of the recliner. *argh!*

Room Five
This time the television is moved. I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I’m starting to run out of ideas.

Time for you to vote! Tell me in the comments section which one you like best and why. Or, if you have another idea for arranging things, let me know! (Please, I’m begging ya!)


19 thoughts on “Asking for Input

  1. Nancy

    I like room #2 because I like the symmetry. I also prefer it to #1 because the backs of the monitors would be up against the wall and not visible. HTH

  2. Mr Good Looking

    This is Mr Good Looking and I love #2. It would be the best choice in the world for everyone. I think you would be making a bad mistake if you went with any other one.

  3. Liz

    My first thought was that looking at all your living room configurations from 20 feet up in the sky was making me sea sick. Especially all that scrolling up & down.

    My second thought was – what fun – so I went & did my own front room. I don’t know what the point was, but we entertained ourselves for half an hour when we should have been doing (much less entertaining) IEW.

    It looks (from here) like you have unused space in the dining room — why was it that you didn’t want the computers in there? Is it just not public enough? Could you push the bookshelves further down the wall & put computers closer to the table? Or put a long table on that one open wall in the dining area & both computers there? My decorating scheme is Early American Cram-It-In & maybe that’s why I keep suggesting the dining area – it looks like you have more space in there.

    Also, this Mr. Good… do you know him or are you being stalked?

  4. Liz,

    Did you post your front room to your blog? I’d love to see how you cram it all in! Lol!

    I forgot to add a window seat in the back wall right next to the back door. So that short wall is out. But I might be able to put the computers on the long wall that the table butts up to now, if I turn the table sideways. The only problem there is the back door.

    Don’t mind Mr. Good Looking. Yes, he’s my blog stalker, but I also happen to live with him. *snort* He’s biased and his vote doesn’t count. lolololol!

  5. Leila

    I’d go with #2 or #4 because there’s just no way my husband would survive sharing a desk with me…I’d strangle him first. LOL!

  6. 717sherry

    just out of curiousity, I’m assuming the counters are not an opition?? Couldn’t you put one computer on each counter and use bar stools if it’s too high. Just a thought. Seems like a perfect place just from looking at the pics here.

  7. Sherry,

    Unfortunately, my kitchen is only about three feet longer than you see there on the diagram. So if we used the counters we wouldn’t have any counter space left for cooking. (not that I do much of it anyway) lol…

  8. Lisa

    Does the couch need to be along the wall or can it go on a diagonal matching your fireplace, TV in the same spot as #1, “that” chair on the other side of the fireplace, that would leave the opposite corner open for a whole computer station area. It’s hard for me to really feel the space if not there, but those designer shows always say the biggest mistake people make is to slam the couch up against one wall and have the tv way on the other side, jmho.

  9. Diann

    I think I like #2 as well, but I understand where the lighting dilemma might come in. If there isn’t enough lighting for the computers in 2, I might go with #1. We just moved from a house where there was NO interior lighting except the kitchens and bathrooms. It was wierd. Of course, we overcompensated in this house and put lights everywhere!

  10. De'Etta

    I think I like two….because it’s not always nice having computers REAL close together….here is what we did to fit three computers, 2 printers, a big Xerox copy machine, paper cutter and rack of paper in a small room…..Mike bout drawer units from home Depot….Three because our unit is “L” shaped. Then he bought two sections of counter top and put them on top. It’s along the wall but gives us a surprising amount of space in a little area. Of course it looks like a computer bank at a library or something…but it works.

  11. Jodi

    I think I like the first one better. I don’t think people sitting on the couch would like having the computers right next to it. Especially if people using them were playing games or noisy things. I know that it didn’t work well when we had a computer right next to the couch. Don’t know if that is helpful or not it was just the thought that popped into my mind.
    Jodi from SHS

  12. Vanessa

    I second what Lisa said.. and went to the other web site for a look at the diagonal couch idea… YES! #7 is was what I was looking for.
    Although, it may not be good for “the Mr Good Looking” who LOVES #2 . LOLOLOL who says “It would be the best choice in the world for everyone.”
    – Mr. Good Looking remember the saying… “if Mamma aint happy, no one happy!” πŸ˜‰

    I actually like #7 of the 10 from the other web site though. You can see the diagram there:

    -Love the ‘crammin it’ idea..
    How about putting the TV into the fire place? (Video tape that fire on TV during Christmas season πŸ™‚
    -Or the school books into the fireplace (with a nice shelf in it).(if there’s room for crammin them in. lol and TV next to the ‘book shelf fireplace.’ Kind of like a entertainment nook. Computers on the opposite corner as you showed in #7.
    -You both get the view you want.. and when one wants more of the one you could always roll out the TV from the fire place (that is used) Is it used?. hmmmmmmmm

    -Or cramming the computers into the dining area..(have a special drop table made) so that the computers sink into the table when eating. When done, “up” come the computers. Your space in the original computer corner of design #7 could be used for something else. (I see a $$$$ making potential here) design the “computer eat’n meat’n table!”

    Otherwise I think #2 would do. Although, the Stereo keyboard clicking would drive me crazy. Clicking to the right and Clicking to the left. Click idy click, clickclickclick k… Enough to make me want to go cook.

    Wait, what about rolla tables for the computers.. You can move them any where!!! Yes rolla tables, rolla chairs, rolla everything. Take turns having it roll way. LOL


  13. Vanessa

    Jen, I want to thank you for your creative spirit! You know I enjoy art and any form of creative conversation. πŸ™‚
    You’ve got me thinking spring cleaning and decorating in my home now. LOL

    I’m looking at for decorating ideas and projects. What FUN!

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Cynthia

    Do you have a program that allows you to create documents such as this? My dd would LOVE it. No comments about your “problem” since I’m sure it’s alreayd been solved by now since I’m so late reading your blog (LOL)!

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