A Challenging Weekend

Thanks to everyone who participated in my floor plan post below. It was really fun reading all your comments! We’ve spent most of this weekend running around and taking care of things we completely forgot about… Like power cords, ethernet cables, and trying to figure out WHAT we were going to put the computers ON. (That’s kinda an important point that sorta…well….slipped my mind.)

We scored an amazing deal on a hardwood computer armoire that was too good to pass up. I had intended on getting a couple of cheap computer carts, but the guy at the store pointed out the armoire and I was in love. I’ve always wanted to have one, and we were able to take this one home for almost 60% off! It actually ended up being cheaper than the plywood ones we had considered.

The only problem is that we forgot to measure how DEEP the actual CPU case is, and it’s a smidgen too long! The doors to the armoire won’t close, which means we’re constantly chasing little dude away from the computer. So DH is going to have to perform surgery on the back of the armoire, to see if we can squeeze the CPU in an extra inch somehow.


Speaking of the little guy…he gave us an incredible fright last night. About 3 am I jerked awake all of a sudden, and heard DS making strange noises. He was laying next to me in bed. It was dark and I couldn’t see, but I *knew* there was something terribly wrong with him.

I flipped on the light and found him lying on his back, unconscious, getting “sick.” I rolled him on his side, calling his name and tried to get a response out of him. After about 30 seconds he started coming around, but was still pretty out of it.  It took him a full two minutes before I felt like he was really conscious and aware.

We got him (and our bed!) all cleaned up, and tried going back to sleep. He only was sick one more time, but this time he was still awake and was able to let us know. DH and DS eventually fell back to sleep, but I was up for at least another hour or two, freaked out and anxious.

Praise the Lord he was sleeping next to me when this happened! I believe he was in real danger because of being on his back while getting sick, plus being asleep/unconscious and unresponsive. I don’t think he aspirated anything, but I’m going to give our family doctor a buzz on Monday just to be safe.

This boy has given me more scares and frights in his 2.5 yrs than his sister EVER has over the last 16 yrs!  If he keeps this up, I’m going to be a wreck by the time he’s ten years old…


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