Hit by Lightening!

About 5:30 this evening our house was hit by a bolt of lightening!

We’ve lost a few things here and there around the house, but everyone is okay, and that’s what’s important. I was in the living room with DS (2 yrs), DD (16) and DH were in the kitchen. DH and DD had just stepped away from the stove when the lightening struck the house. DD saw the stove element “explode.” All I remember was a tremendous BANG and flash of light. Poor DS dropped to the floor in fright. (I think I might have screamed. lol…) None of us could hear anything for a minute because the explosion had been so loud.

There was a terrible burning smell that was coming from the stove. The TV had been on at the time (we were watching the weather radar) and the picture on the tv turned purple. It was totally bizarre. There’s an actual hole *blown* through the heating element on the stove, and the pot is scorched. DD said she saw the pot fly up off the stove when the lightening struck.

Things could have been a lot worse. Normally DD would have been on the computer, wearing headphone, participating in her homeschool chat. And DH had JUST been standing at the stove only a moment before the lightening hit. As it is, we’ve only lost a few items like the tv, stereo, router, DVD player, and maybe the stove. We’ve lost the phone because it’s through our ISP and our router blew. *phooey* But I hope the insurance gives us a new stove, because I don’t want this one any more!

It’s kinda strange which things were damaged and which are not. For instance, our stereo and DVD player are in the same cabinet together, plugged into the same outlet. The stereo is shot, the DVD player is fine. The TV in the back is dead, along with that DVD player, but the VCR is fine. *boggle*

We called the Fire Department out, and they checked the whole house and attic with a “thermal imager.” Some how it could tell them if there were any fires in the walls and wiring. Thankfully we got the all clear from them.

The Fire Department guys were great, and even turned on their lights for DS when they drove away. *Whew* Talk about having an exciting evening!


3 thoughts on “Hit by Lightening!

  1. Vanessa

    no other words but WOW!

    New stove! COOL 🙂

    God works in mysterious ways. LOL


    He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?
    -Romans 8:32

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