Weekend Wrap Up

It’s late Sunday evening, almost 11 pm. I’ve just finished tweaking my Lit Assignment for Tuesday’s homeschool chat. The kids have been reading Sherlock Holmes’ The Hound of the Baskervilles. I think they’ve been enjoying it since it’s a much lighter book than they have read in quite a while.

This Tuesday I’m going to try to do something with them REALLY different. I’m going to attempt to host a Murder Mystery Party with them online! Let me tell you, it’s been something of a logistical nightmare trying to figure it out. But I think I have everything settled now, and if everyone shows up prepared, we might be able to pull it off AND have a great time to boot!

I found a website online that sells murder mystery games that you can download from the net. I emailed back and forth with the author a bit, and finally chose a game for the kids. It’s normally designed for an actual PARTY, and would include dinner and several hours to play. However, I’m going to somehow figure out how to do the whole thing in less than two hours. (We are actually supposed to spend SOME time talking about the book they were reading too. lol….) I sure hope it turns out to be a lot of fun.

Nothing much else to report this weekend. Saturday was pretty lazy…although we did take the boy for a nice long walk around the lake. He liked it very much, especially since the geese and ducks were out begging for food. Well, all except one goose. He decided that he did NOT like DH in the least, and chased him a good 25 to 50 yards! I thought it was pretty funny because the goose ran right past DS and I and went straight for DH. *snort!*

Today I didn’t do much besides working on my lesson plans. Oh, and went grocery shopping. Whoo-hoo! Lol…. Actually, I really like shopping…always have, even as a teenager. Now it’s even more fun since we use the Grocery Game, and we try to see how close we can get to 50% savings each week. Our shelf total was $100, but we left the store paying only $57. Yippee! That’s well below our weekly budgeted amount for groceries.

DD had to work four days in a row this weekend. I’m a bit worried that it’s too much for a high school student. She worked Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon (tomorrow). And I think she worked the Monday before and perhaps a Friday later this week. I didn’t mind two or three days a week, but this might be a bit much. I’ll have to see how she handles school over the course of this week.

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Cynthia

    So, how did the online murder mystery go? My dd has been to a few of those and it would sure be fun to try an online one with her friends since many of her friends moved away to college this year.

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