Silly Saturday



Background Paper -HappyRobyn
Cardboard – Katie Pertiet
Quote – Designer Digitals
Photo Frame – Katie Pertiet
Jounaling Paper – Katie Pertiet
Family Tag – Katie Pertiet
Needle – Fhung Lie
Date Stamp – Amber Clegg


2 thoughts on “Silly Saturday

  1. Mr Good Looking

    Its been some time since I made a comment but Mrs. GL has had me painting the kitchen. I really like the layout you have done and who ever took the photo must be a great photographer.

    Want to meet tonight around 4-4:30 at Starbuck’s for a cup of coffee

    Mr. GL

  2. Cynthia

    I LOVE the torn edge look on this layout. I completely forgot to come and check out this blog the last several months.. and have only been checking your 365 blog! Egads.. now I have LOTS of catching up with you to do!

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