Scarborough Faire


DD asked to go to the local Renaissance Festival for her birthday this year. We went yesterday and had a BLAST. It was a bit more……um……bawdy that I had expected. LOL! We had barely gotten through the gates before two Germans came up to us and started ogling DD and her friend. But they did it in a funny, unoffensive way and were hilarious, eying the girls up and down with their monocles. ROFL….

I’ll have more photos about it soon. We took over 200 pictures, and I’m trying to weed through them all right now. *whew!*


5 thoughts on “Scarborough Faire

  1. Kristine/SHS

    Jen, looks like a great time! We have a very large Renaissance Festival here for 8 weekends every summer, but I’ve not taken my kids yet. 🙂

  2. Judi

    What a GEAAT pic Jen! We love going to the ren faire too! Do you have the Theatre in the Mud? (i’m not certain that is the actual name of it) Basically there is a troupe of 3 men who tell stories (like Beowolf) in the MUD…LOL the kids absolutely love it. I have a great pic of one of the guys sitting by my dh with dh’s sunglasses on him…and dhis sitting there with mostly a straight face! It was hysterical…he spotted me taking pictures and walked straight towards us and posed…what a fun day we had!
    In His Love,

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