Exhausted but Thankful

Tuesday afternoon, Gavin had a febrile seizure. He had one when he was about 18 months too. That incident and this one are hands down the most frightening experiences I’ve ever had.

Chelsea told me early Tuesday morning that Gavin felt hot. I took his temp and it was really high. We took him in to see our Doctor, and they did a culture and found out he had strep throat. We left, picked up our prescription for antibiotics, and went home.

The seizure happened about an hour later. He was lying in my lap asleep when his eyes snapped wide open. I could see immediately that he was completely “out of it” and totally unresponsive. Then he started turning blue…which was terrifying to see.

Chelsea, snapped up the phone and dialed 911. She was freaked out at first like me, but then by the Grace of God, found some inner strength and was able to talk calmly and clearly to the 911 operator. I, on the other hand, was completely freaking out…or at least I felt like I was.

Frank and the ambulance arrived at the same time. By then Gavin was had regained his color and started acting more normal. We took a ride in the ambulance to the ER. When we got there his temp was close to 104. Eeep! But they did a complete check, gave him some Tylenol, and kept us there for 2 hours to keep an eye on him.

Later Tuesday night, Gavin had a second seizure. The ER doc had told us that it’s rare for kids to have two seizures during the same illness, let alone within seven hours of each other. We have a friend down the street who is a Paramedic, and he came running to our house when we called him. He recommended that we take him down to Medical City Hospital in Dallas, because Gavin would get the best care there.

So at 10pm Tuesday night we loaded Gavin into the van and took off for Dallas. Chelsea stayed home, and her best friend came over to spend the night and keep her company. That was a big relief to me, because I didn’t really want her having to stay by herself after such a stressful day.

The ER was very busy last night, both on the adult and pediatric side. Normally the hospital wouldn’t have even admitted him if he had only the one seizure, but since he had two within seven hours, they wanted to make sure to rule out anything more serious.

They did a CT scan around midnight or 1 am…I’m not really sure. We never could get a doctor to come talk to us, although they kept promising that they would talk to us as soon as they could. About 4 am, Frank crawled into bed with Gavin, and I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion on another bed they wheeled into our room.

Around 8am this morning, they woke us up and told us that they were finally ready to do the spinal tap on Gavin to check for meningitis. Frank and I elected to wait in another room while the did the procedure, although I felt miserable and like I was abandoning him. When we returned to the room, he wasn’t even crying, although I’m sure I heard a few shrieks and wails while we were waiting for the procedure to be over.

After they were finished they told us they were admitting us to the hospital. They moved us into the pediatric wing and promised that someone would be around soon to talk to us about the test results. To make a long story short, we didn’t get any answers until about 3:30 this afternoon. It was very frustrating! We kept asking over an over for someone to tell us *something,* especially since they had admitted him into the hospital.

(I must insert here that this hospital was, for the most part, attentive and professional. They were very good about monitoring him and keeping his fever down. I think we fell into the black hole of information because the shift changes and the new shifts not realizing that we were still in the dark.)

Finally at 3:30 this afternoon the pediatric doctor came checked in with us. She apologized several times when we told her we had been in the dark the whole time. His CT scan was normal and his spinal tap showed that he didn’t have meningitis. The reason they admitted him was because they wanted to keep him monitored until he had passed 24 hours since the first seizure, to make sure he didn’t have any more.

She said that since he didn’t have any more seizures that the risk of him having any more right now was greatly reduced. They did give him a big dose of antibiotics while we were there, and his throat was looking much better this afternoon, and his fever stayed pretty low most of the day. She said that once he turned 3, that he would probably have a reduced chance of having any more seizures, since they rarely saw patients between the ages of 3-4 with febrile seizures.

Needless to say, Frank and I are completely exhausted. We cat napped on and off between the nurses coming in and out of the room, and when we were just too tired to keep our eyes open. We will still have to get up several times tonight to give DS his meds to keep his fever down, but we are hoping to get several hours of deep, peaceful sleep tonight.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. It helped me a lot to know that I had so many praying for us. There were several times that I would feel very weak and helpless. But then I would remember everyone was praying for us and it helped me over the rough spots. Gavin still has strep, so I would still appreciate your prayers for a swift and *uneventful* recovery.


5 thoughts on “Exhausted but Thankful

  1. Vanessa

    Prayed last night for you all and will continue to pray for your son’s recovery and all you getting some rest.


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