Mother’s Day

So I’m only what? A week behind in talking about Mother’s day? Ugh…

Despite the fact that the week before Mother’s Day was a bit crazed (car breaking down, hospital trips, etc.) it turned out to be a really wonderful day. Which kinda makes me feel a bit guilty because Mother’s Day was also DH’s birthday! He and the kids gave me some really thoughtful gifts, and I….well….I took DH shopping cuz I didn’t have anything for him. *embarrassed*

We didn’t do anything in particular, just had a nice lazy day around the house, then had dinner out. We exchanged gifts in the morning. They gave me my gifts in the morning, and we took DH out shopping in the afternoon. DS, via DH, gave me the Jack Johnson Curious George CD. This makes three of his CDs for me now. I really love his sound! DH gave me a Starbucks personal coffee press. I can’t have caffeinated coffee anymore, and this way I can make a nice cuppa decaf without fiddling with the coffee maker!

As sweet and thoughtful as those gifts were, DD’s gift actually made me tear up (which I never do!). I have a Tracfone cell phone, but we haven’t been able to afford to get a new card for a very long time. DH had a phone through his work, and DD has a Tracfone too, which she pays for herself. DD commented several times that she didn’t like not being able to get in touch with me. So for Mother’s Day she bought a 1 yr activation card for me! *getting teary eyed again!*

In the afternoon, we took DH shopping for his birthday gift. He bought a new amp for his stereo that blew out when the house was hit by lightening last month. He used the birthday money he got from his parents and I chipped in the rest. I had already given my MIL her gift when they were down here to visit, but I still haven’t gotten anything for MY mom. (Mom? Are you reading the blog? I’m sorry!) Fortunately she’s totally kewl, and understands that car/hospital thing kinda blew my plans. Lol… (Love ya Mom!)

You can see all the credits HERE.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Cynthia

    You’re not the only one behind…. our dd’s graduation party was on Mother’s Day and I still haven’t posted those pics yet.. in fact, I haven’t even looked at those pics yet.

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