Game Day!


May 23, 2007
Thanks to our good friends Dottie and Brian, we got to see a Rough Riders game for free!

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening! The weather was fabulous, and we had great seats along the third baseline. We had some die hard fans sitting in the row in front of us, and they were a hoot! They painted their faces, and cheered and yelled the whole game. They were so much fun!

DS didn’t like sitting for very long, so we took turns walking with him around the ball park. Daddy and DS were in the outfield when the Rough Riders scored their first home run. The boys were right underneath the fireworks when they went off, and they really scared Gavin. Except for that, the rest of the evening was a blast!


4 thoughts on “Game Day!

  1. Cynthia

    FUN FUN! And about your album page. You’re doing EXACTLY what I want to do… scrapbook a day right away and then post that single image to the blog for the summary! I just need to get a digi program first and then go for it!! Love the layout! I recognize that one!

  2. Kristine/SHS

    I much prefer the smaller teams to the big professional games. I need to get my kids to see our Sky Sox soon!

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