Update on my Dad

I got to speak with my Dad last night. They gave him an epidural during the surgery, and when he called he wasn’t feeling any pain at all. In fact, he sounded just like himself, which was weird! lol…. I was expecting him to sound drugged up, like how I always felt after surgery. He was still in recovery when he called, because the hospital was waiting for the epidural to wear off before moving him to his room. I’m sure he started feeling pretty miserable when it wore off.

Thanks everyone for your prayers! The surgery when really quickly this time, only about an hour and a half, and with no difficulties. He should be in the hospital until Saturday, then he’ll be at home. He says he has a bunch of people lined up to come visit him, and another friend is flying out to stay with him a few days.  It does take several months before he’ll be fully recovered, so if you feel led, please keep him in your prayers that he won’t have any complications. Thanks!


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