Another Update on Dad, & other stuff

Believe it or not, he left the hospital a day early! Except for his hip problems, he’s always been very healthy and in great physical shape, so he’s recovering from the surgery very quickly. He’s been getting daily visits at home from a physical therapist, and they’ve told him that he’s doing very, very well. He still is at risk for getting blood clots because of the surgery, so he has to give himself a shot in the stomach every day. (Ouch!) Thanks everyone for all your prayers and well wishes!

Back at home…we’ve been struggling with DS being sick again. He had some kind of bug earlier in the week, along with a fever, but seemed to kick it a few days. However Friday afternoon he went from normal to 103 degrees in about an hour! Fortunately it rose slow enough that it didn’t trigger any seizures. It still scares me quite a bit that his temp will rise so high in such a short time. We never can figure out exactly what it is that he has…it doesn’t seem like a cold or flu.

DD was NEVER like this as a baby/toddler, and it freaks me out that DS can get a fever in a heartbeat. She only got a fever once, maybe twice a year at most. It seems like DS goes through months of being either healthy, or feverish. I really don’t understand what or why this happens.

Anyone else have a child like this? Do they outgrow it? Does he just have an overactive immune system? I’ve gone back and forth about letting him into the church nursery and play areas at restaurants because he seems to always get sick. But yet….maybe he *needs* be be exposed to more kid germs to build up some immunity? And of course, every time he gets a fever I always worry that he’ll have another seizure. *sigh*

On a more sobering note….I recently found out that my Uncle has been diagnosed with a serious medical issue having to do with his head/brain/skull. It’s unclear at this point exactly what the next course of action will be, because of the location of the problem. If you feel so led, would please pray for “Uncle R,” his family, and his medical team. Thank you very much.

Just a recent page I made. This one is actually a gift for someone (who better not be reading my blog right now! lol…) Credits HERE

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Finally, another Wordart freebie for you! It’s somewhat similar to the “Be Strong and Courageous” freebie I made earlier. But sometimes we need to hear the same message over and over for it to sink into our hearts. (At least I do. I hope I’m not the only one!)

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE MY LINKS/FILES WITH OTHERS. Simply link them up to this blog post so they can get their own copy. Please leave me some love in the comments if you download the freebie. Thanks, and have a great Monday! Download the file HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Another Update on Dad, & other stuff

  1. Jen,
    I’m glad your dad is doing so well. Hopfefully your uncle’s medical team will come up with a plan ASAP!

    LOVE the scrapbook page.. especially the stamps. Those are CUTE!

    Hope your little one is feeling better. It is scary with all of you’ve been through.

  2. KarenT

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent! And not being afraid to talk about depression, anxiety and panic disorders! I’m a member of that little club, unfortunately. I’m glad that these illnesses are being discussed more and with a positive outlook. It is a struggle to deal with these illnesses and comforting to know you are not the “only one”. I wish you well and want to encourage you to make more of these affirmations, especially for yourself and, if you are so inclined, to share them with others.


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