His Feverish Ways…

Alrighty, the little Dude is going to the doctor first thing in the morning. I was thinking about tapering off the Motrin because his fever has been staying down around 99-100. I ran out to the grocery store and forgot to give him his dose, and by the time we got back home his fever had gone back up to 101-102. He’s had this fever since Friday. FRIDAY! And I’m not even counting the two feverish days he had at the beginning of last week. Ugh….

Obviously he has some kind of infection going on, although we can’t figure out what it is. It’s not stomach or intestinal related. He doesn’t have a cough or runny nose. And he’s not complaining that his ears or throat hurts either. It’s a bit of a mystery! My mom reminded me that *I* was sick most of my young life until I had my tonsils taken out at the tender young age of 2. She said as soon as they were taken out, I hardly ever had a sick day again. I’m beginning to wonder if history is repeating itself with DS. The Doctor’s office did comment the last time we saw them that he had very large tonsils.

I’m not looking forward to the idea of him having surgery (if it comes to that), but surely that would be better than having him get sick all the time, right? DD never had hers out, but she was *never* like this. At what age to they actually do it? Is it out-patient surgery now? I can’t believe I’m thinking that this might be a GOOD thing. But maybe it will help keep him from getting these fevers all the time, and lessen his chances of having another seizure. Now that WOULD be a good thing. (At least for my sanity!)

Sorry, no pictures, layouts or freebies today. I don’t think I’ve even taken any pictures since the beginning of the month. (There goes my Project 365. *sigh*) Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting (in a good way!) to post about tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “His Feverish Ways…

  1. Vanessa

    Jen, My son (years ago from ages apx 2-5) got that stuff all the time. It’s viral the Dr’s. would say.

    Take him to the doctor, keep it on record…but know and be comforted that this is common. After about age 5-6, don’t remember exactly what age, all this kind of viral stuff went away for my son. They are little, handling everything, fingers in the mouth, etc. So they are always getting germs (from everywhere). It’ll pass.

    I wouldn’t jump to taking tonsils out. I think I remember my son’s docotor saying that is something they don’t like to rush into doing anymore (as they did when we were younger).

    Praying for the little guy,

  2. Vanessa

    By the way… my son had absolutely NO symptoms except high fever. The only thing.. maybe (I’m trying to remeber..) is that he might have been a little dehydrated. Have him drink a lot of water if he’s not allready.


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