IMPORTANT: Thomas Recall

I think this is extremely important, so I’m posting this here.

“RC2 Corp. Recalls Various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard”

If you have any wooden Thomas the Tank Engine toys, please make sure you don’t have any of THESE. We’ve found two of them so far in our house, and I’ve repeatedly had to take one of them away from DS for putting it IN HIS MOUTH. 😯 ❗ (I have a call in to the doctor to see what we should do.)

If you have friends or family that also have Thomas toys, be sure to send them the link to the website. Thanks for helping to spread the word!


2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Thomas Recall

  1. Thank you for the heads up on that recall. We don’t happen to have any of those particular toys in our house, but I know several friends that do.

  2. Vanessa

    We have those wooden TTE trains. But I bought them for my son in 1993-1994ish. That’s way before the recall. Right???
    I was (still am) hoping that I could keep them for grandchildren one day. 😦

    Praying for your son.

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